So You Want to Shoot Film

So you want to start shooting film, but don’t have a film camera. I’m happy to say that film cameras are very affordable right now and you can find some really good deals at places like KEH, eBay or your local camera shop for some great gear. I repaired film cameras for almost 10 years so I’d like to share with you what to look for when buying a used film camera. I dug out my old Canon F1n with a 50mm 1.4 lens to give examples. Some of the most popular film cameras were the Canon AE-1 Program, the…

My Thoughts on Street Photography

It seems that the latest craze in photography is Street Photography. I’m not sure why it’s becoming so popular because street photography has been around for years and years with the master or godfather of street photography being Henri Cartier-Bresson. Of course, that’s my opinion but he had a photojournalistic approach to his work starting way back in the 1930’s. So what exactly is street photography? Does it have to always have people in the images? Does it always have to be black & white? No and no. To me street photography captures textures, reflections, patterns, architectural elements, and shadows….